Would you like your Printer Cartridge Durability? This is it.

It's good to youb on first, to understand the workings of Printer Cartridge work, with our understanding of how head Cartridge works, we will more easily understand how to maintain it.

One of an important part of the cartridge is the head. Head is useful for a way out and at the same time set out of ink. While Cartrdige is the ink storage container.

On the Canon and HP printers frequently both combined, that is head and Cartridge integrated into one piece. While the Epson printer often divided between the cartridge head into separate parts.

At the time ordered the printer to print, the printer will command the exact device to implement them, including the printer head to do the printing. Head will turn on the filament heater to manage discharge ink. When the ink comes out, how much, and what color ink, which must be removed, to form a drawing / writing. Thus the principle works, is  heating the ink, it becomes more dilute and be easy to sprayed through a very small nozzle hole. Warm-up in long time, and excessive, will make the cartridge be hot especially when the ink runs out, will cause warming which even more, because the printer's ink it also serves as a cooling medium.

Heating on head cartridge excessively could be caused by:

1. Printers print in large quantities without interspersed with pauses.
2. In the state runs out of ink, printing still go on.

Other causes damage to the cartridge canon and Hp:

1. Certain inks (colors) are rarely used, so that the nozzle dead end, because the ink dries there and causes overheating, because it does not exist the ink, because the nozzle was jammed.
2. Certain colors of ink, depleted and the refill, causing heating, excess the head, so that the chip in the head can be burned.

Many diagnostic of the above in order to Printer Cartridge Durable, can be considered the following matters:

1. Do not print in large quantities directly non-stop, but give pause every 4 pieces, at (prints photo), 10 pieces in (printed text) for a while rest, do not be long, just give a chance to head to down the temperature.
2. Immediately refill if the ink runs out. It is Better before it runs out was filled with ink again.
3. Use the printer to print in all colors regularly at least 3-5 days once. Printing may with the amount a little but routine and use all the colors.
4. Not recommended to change the brand of ink because of the nature and characteristics of each brand of ink could be different, and feared mixtures thereof, may precipitate or clump so it will cause blockage of the nozzle.
5. Infusion of the printer, make sure the ink flows smoothly leading to the cartridge, there are no air bubbles or clogged.
6. Instead do not fill the ink too full, which will cause head to leak due to the pressure which is too strong pressure.
7. Not too often on and off the printer, will waste ink, and making waste foam ink reservoir will fill up quickly.
8. Turn off the printer by pressing the power button of the printer, do not pull out powernya cable directly to to make the printer shutdown, as it should like cleaning ink remaining in the head, and shut it down to avoid clogging. By pressing the power button of the printer is the important things will be carried out by the printer.
9. Use a paper, which is nice, clean, and appropriate quality.


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