Luckily and loss of the refill of laserjet printer toner cartridge

Refill toner, as the other action alternatives, always has the potential advantages and disadvantages.  Among the losses refill toner, the results are not as good as the original, sometimes there are problems, sometimes causing damage to the printer, this risk ...... But do not worry too much toner refill advantages, including low cost (can save up to 85%), the results can also be good from the terms and conditions apply, the blocks can be more concentrated than the original toner, refill 5-8 fold higher saving rate has been able to buy toner new printer, toner refill printer because the damage was minor and could be suppressed if the refill process is handled skillfully.

Losses of refill toner
Losses of refill toner # 1
Print is not as good as the original.
Print a thin block (raster) somewhat more rough than the original toner, for soft images original toner can give a better image and more evenly. Can be overcome by lowering the degree rasternya to get results close to original. If it were not so common a problem.

 Losses refill toner # 2
Sometimes there is a problem.
Go home where you refill the toner, it was not clean, no spots, etc., so you must return to where artisans refill, back and forth again. Repot amat. Very troublesome. It is better to use original toner, no problem, always good.
This can be overcome by choosing a handyman who is an expert refill to reduce back and forth improvements. Once the process of toner refill immediately known problem, resolved and settled so that the good results. Even better if there are service delivery, if there is a problem, you still will not be bothered. Even better if you have a backup cartridge. Once discharged directly pairs of reserves, which discharged directly submit handyman refill to be processed, will be 1 day or 2 days no problem, the printer still go ahead. What if only one toner only, could buy a new toner or toner remanufactured / reconditioned save up to 60%.

Losses of refill toner # 3
Sometimes causes printer demage
Actually this is the most serious losses and need to be wary of.  But fortunately the percentage likelihood is not great.  As long as we cultivate the field of refill toner, we have thousands of toner refill, many printers we've dealt with, most printer damage caused by wear and spare parts dead.  There are also cases of death due to exposure formatter toner spillage that caused short cantact electrical current.  If the refill process is done by good and nice all the spare parts, such problems can be minimized.

Is a natural thing there if disadvantages, because the cost of refill only 10% compared to the cost of buying original toner. If you want the original so please wear good as the original, only Rp. 600 rb. If you want to save toner refill only 90rb.
Advantages refill toner

Advantages refill toner # 1
Low cost.
Low price is powerfull. With a low cost we could save enough money, savings could reach 85%. If you buy a new toner refill toner price 650ribu with us simply would cost approximately 150rb-an.  90 thousand rupiahs to the cost of refill, the rest to replace the cost of spare parts. . With savings of 6 times a refill just collect money (650-150) x 6 = 3 million rupiahs.  This price is enough to buy a new printer, even rest, because the price of new printers range from 1.5 million rupiahs.

 Advantages refill toner # 2
The printout can also be good.
If you want a nice printout as good as the original, then everything necessary to choose the good.  The Tonera house that is still viable, spare parts must be healthy all, powders toner must nice and clean, refill process carried out carefully by a skilled technician.  If the proses like that, God willing, the results are almost as good as the original toner.  Do not believe?, Please try using a product TONERBAGUS.COM. Insha Allah not disappointed.

Advantages refill toner # 3
Block more darker than the original toner.
When the conditions fit the printer and toner, ink is good, then often the result of block print darker than the original toner blog.  Tailor screen printing and rubber stamp is usually more like toner refill of the original toner because block is more concentrated.

Advantages refill toner # 4
Saving toner refill 5-8 times is enough to buy a new printer. Sometimes people do not want to refill the toner on the grounds of risk of losing money because of damage to the printer.  Actually, by buying original toner is also no risk of loss. Sometimes there are also original prints toner is not good, and certainly there is a risk that always happens is losing more money for the purchase of new original toner.  Ranging Rp.600rb's to the small toner, if such a large toner hp printer toner new 5000 could reach 2 million.  The risk of losing money would be yours. Where you choose. Yes it's up to you


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