Sabtu, 16 April 2011

Luckily and loss of the refill of laserjet printer toner cartridge

Refill toner, as the other action alternatives, always has the potential advantages and disadvantages.  Among the losses refill toner, the results are not as good as the original, sometimes there are problems, sometimes causing damage to the printer, this risk ...... But do not worry too much toner refill advantages, including low cost (can save up to 85%), the results can also be good from the terms and conditions apply, the blocks can be more concentrated than the original toner, refill 5-8 fold higher saving rate has been able to buy toner new printer, toner refill printer because the damage was minor and could be suppressed if the refill process is handled skillfully.

Losses of refill toner
Losses of refill toner # 1
Print is not as good as the original.
Print a thin block (raster) somewhat more rough than the original toner, for soft images original toner can give a better image and more evenly. Can be overcome by lowering the degree rasternya to get results close to original. If it were not so common a problem.

 Losses refill toner # 2
Sometimes there is a problem.
Go home where you refill the toner, it was not clean, no spots, etc., so you must return to where artisans refill, back and forth again. Repot amat. Very troublesome. It is better to use original toner, no problem, always good.
This can be overcome by choosing a handyman who is an expert refill to reduce back and forth improvements. Once the process of toner refill immediately known problem, resolved and settled so that the good results. Even better if there are service delivery, if there is a problem, you still will not be bothered. Even better if you have a backup cartridge. Once discharged directly pairs of reserves, which discharged directly submit handyman refill to be processed, will be 1 day or 2 days no problem, the printer still go ahead. What if only one toner only, could buy a new toner or toner remanufactured / reconditioned save up to 60%.

Losses of refill toner # 3
Sometimes causes printer demage
Actually this is the most serious losses and need to be wary of.  But fortunately the percentage likelihood is not great.  As long as we cultivate the field of refill toner, we have thousands of toner refill, many printers we've dealt with, most printer damage caused by wear and spare parts dead.  There are also cases of death due to exposure formatter toner spillage that caused short cantact electrical current.  If the refill process is done by good and nice all the spare parts, such problems can be minimized.

Is a natural thing there if disadvantages, because the cost of refill only 10% compared to the cost of buying original toner. If you want the original so please wear good as the original, only Rp. 600 rb. If you want to save toner refill only 90rb.
Advantages refill toner

Advantages refill toner # 1
Low cost.
Low price is powerfull. With a low cost we could save enough money, savings could reach 85%. If you buy a new toner refill toner price 650ribu with us simply would cost approximately 150rb-an.  90 thousand rupiahs to the cost of refill, the rest to replace the cost of spare parts. . With savings of 6 times a refill just collect money (650-150) x 6 = 3 million rupiahs.  This price is enough to buy a new printer, even rest, because the price of new printers range from 1.5 million rupiahs.

 Advantages refill toner # 2
The printout can also be good.
If you want a nice printout as good as the original, then everything necessary to choose the good.  The Tonera house that is still viable, spare parts must be healthy all, powders toner must nice and clean, refill process carried out carefully by a skilled technician.  If the proses like that, God willing, the results are almost as good as the original toner.  Do not believe?, Please try using a product TONERBAGUS.COM. Insha Allah not disappointed.

Advantages refill toner # 3
Block more darker than the original toner.
When the conditions fit the printer and toner, ink is good, then often the result of block print darker than the original toner blog.  Tailor screen printing and rubber stamp is usually more like toner refill of the original toner because block is more concentrated.

Advantages refill toner # 4
Saving toner refill 5-8 times is enough to buy a new printer. Sometimes people do not want to refill the toner on the grounds of risk of losing money because of damage to the printer.  Actually, by buying original toner is also no risk of loss. Sometimes there are also original prints toner is not good, and certainly there is a risk that always happens is losing more money for the purchase of new original toner.  Ranging Rp.600rb's to the small toner, if such a large toner hp printer toner new 5000 could reach 2 million.  The risk of losing money would be yours. Where you choose. Yes it's up to you

Senin, 11 April 2011

Anti-Loss tools on printing (fall out) laserjet on media paperplate

Headache thinking about a printing master paperplate fall out?
Praise is there are solutions,

Optimo, Tools Anti loss (anti fall out) printing laserjet for all laserjet printers, solve the problem problem printing loss.

Suitable for almost all laserjet printers like HP 5000, 5100, 5200, 8150, 4V, Canon LBP 3500, and small printers are also suitable such as the HP 1020, 1000 and others.

This additional tool is designed to overcome the lost and fall out in results of laserjet printing  in the media paper plate..  May be you have this problem. Exit from the printer, the partial of toner loss (gripis : jawa), or look good but if wearing hand rubbed easily exfoliate (fall out), or nice and strong but after use on an offset machine has not until a ream of printing had fallen out some (gripis worked), there are certain parts that fall out or become less dense due to loss, so the result was not optimal as expected.

If you have a problem like this Alhamdulillah Allah has made it easier on us to handle it. We have found a practical and safe way is by adding anti-fall out equipment, suitable to applied in laser printers. We have been designing and producing tools that work to prevent loss in printing on thick media, so that the printing with a paper plate or other thick media can be sticky, strong and durable.

From our experiments, paper plate printed with the helping of our anti-loss tool is the result increased maturity of the toner, so be strong, tacky and not fall out. Can even be used to print up to 10 reams (with printing machine "toko") still did not fall out of toner.

This tool is suitable for use in all kinds of laserjet printers except some types of printers such as HP laserjet 8000 can not be assisted with this Optimo.

This tool can be used for the printer HP laserjet 5000, HP 5100, HP 5200, HP 4V, HP1005, HP 1006, Canon LBP 3500  and others laserjet printer brands including Canon, Samsung and Fuji Xerox.

This tool is suitable to solve the problem of prints is less mature or less strong, the prints can not be mature and easy to fall off or peel. However, this tool is not suitable for other printer problems such as problems "film heater" that are torn or perforated.

Here are two comparison images between the printed before the printer was given additional tools and after being given additional tools.

Before adding tools  :

After adding tools :

The device output (before adding anti-loss tool) polished by hand, the results fall out after being given a anti-loss tool  did not fall again, strong, resistant adhesive for offset printing up to 10 reams or more.

Even for the use of toner remanufacture, is still good and not fall out. This anti-loss tool is safe and not damage the printer. The printer still works as usual. What changed was the print media, become more ready to be used so that the device output to be getting better.

This tool is simple but very powerful. Shown to overcome the loss of prints / less matur properly. Even for can use with remanufactured toner, and do not fall out again.

Now print paperplate not have to use original toners, toner refills or remanufactured toner any use oke. If you buy an original toner with price $200 is now able to use remanufacture toner or refilled toner just need cost $18, - the results remain GOOD. Tremendous savings.

100% money back guarantee.

If you have purchased  Anti-Loss Equipment OPTIMO then the tool can not work properly. And You are not satisfied.  So your money will be returned 100%. Or we replace the new equipment. Provided that:
1.  You send Anti-loss tool OPIMO back to us in one piece has never been dismantled.
2.  You pay shipping costs. Sorry that we replace only the cost of purchasing the appliance not  shipping costs.  Thanks. This we do because we really will refund your money or replace them with new tools.

The price of this equipment is not expensive only US$ 50,- (fifty US dollars) It is very cheap to produce extraordinary results and tremendous savings. Once you transfer the money, we'll send you
1. complete tool
2. use and installation instructions.
3. explanation of how it works.

Reservations can be directly to me Mr. Didit Sofyan Muafif, please short message to
my phone number    +6285227357992 .

Payment can be via WESTERN UNION  on behalf of

"Didit Sofyan Muafif"
Address : Krapyak Kulon no 233 Kelurahan Panggungharjo, Sewon, Bantul, Yogyakarta

INDONESIA Zip Code : 55188
or through our account on

Bank Syariah Mandiri Katamso Yogyakarta IndonesiaNo. 1547017909.

After you send the money, please to confirm / notify me via SMS to my number +6285227357992 .
After we check and remittance into account, God willing, Anti loss tools and accessories OPTIMO immediately sent to your address.

You can also get cheap prices with resellers price that sell these products to join your friends who need the tools.  The reseller price only US$ 40,- (forty dollars). You may sell back at a price equal to us or increase prices are also not a problem. The advantage of 100% for you. The requirement is the purchase of the first with the normal price (US$ 50,-) and my next purchase will automatically calculate the price of a reseller (US$ 40,-).

To smooth relations with us, please directly sms to our numbers +6285227357992 and/or send email me in

Kamis, 07 April 2011

Toner Bekas dicari dan dibeli cash

Barang kali Anda tidak tertarik untuk menggunakan jasa refill toner dari kami, dan Anda lebih suka menggunakan toner original maka kami menawarkan kepada Anda untuk menjual toner bekas pakai / toner bekas / toner kosong Anda kepada kami. Kami akan membeli untuk jumlah tertentu dan tipe tertentu dengan harga yang pantas.
Toner bekas (toner kosong) yang belum pernah direfill kami hargai Rp. 20.000,- s/d Rp. Rp. 70.000,- per toner cartridge. Untuk toner yang telah ada cacat barang kali karena penyimpanan asal-asalan atau jatuh atau tertumpuk maka tetap kami hargai dengan harga yang pantas. Toner yang pernah direfill juga bisa kami terima kalau kondisinya masih cukup layak. Tetap kami hargai dengan harga yang pantas.
Teknisnya setelah toner kami terima akan kami periksa kondisinya untuk menentukan harganya. Untuk teknisnya silakan telepon/sms kami di nomor (0274)3249980 atau 085 2273 57992. Terimakasih.

Sabtu, 02 April 2011

Outlet Agen dan Cabang TONERBAGUS

Saat ini TONERBAGUS baru tahap pengembangan dan pencarian agen, cabang dan outlet untuk berbagai kota di Indonesia. Silakan bergabung.

Cabang TONERBAGUS yang telah berdiri dan telah melayani selama 3 tahun lebih, ada di Kota Metro Lampung Sumatera. Cabang ini adalah cabang pertama TONERBAGUS, dipimpin oleh Bapak Hermawan (Wawan Toner), sudah ahli refill toner dan remanufacture. Kalau lokasi Anda dekat (Metro / Lampung dan sekitarnya), silakan berhubungan langsung via terlepon atau  sms. Layanan deliveri ready. Anda telepon kami datang.

TONERBAGUS Cabang Metro Lampung 
Jl. Nusa Indah No 1, Rt 33, Rw 13, Kampung 15 Polos,
Kelurahan Metro, Kecamatan Metro Pusat
Propinsi Lampung
Telepon 085769472867

Outlet di jogja
Mafaza Foto Studio
Perempatan Sampakan Jl Wonosari Km 10 ke timur 40 m  utara jalan.
Anda bisa titip toner katrid disini untuk mendapatkan layanan refill toner atau perbaikan.